Skimmer Replacement pump Upgrade


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So last week, I bought an MRC Ocean Force 200. Broke the impeller shaft, can't find parts, would have to buy a new pump.

I'm wondering if I should upgrade the pump to something else. The current pump specs are below. It's 50w @ 430gph, but I'm thinking I can probably get a better pump, and maybe should go more gph, less wattage (less heat)?

Let me know your thoughts and recommendations.


Needle Wheel Impeller (for use with a protein skimmer)
Replacement pump for the Pacific Coast Imports Recirculating Skimmer 2000 and the Pacific Coast Imports PS-2000 Needle Wheel Protein Skimmer
Flow rate: 430.5 GPH
Max Head: 7.59 ft.
Connections: 5/8" hose barb compression fitting inlet & outlet
50 Watts
Dimensions: 6-3/4" X 6" X 4-3/4"
Weight: 3.7 lbs
Can be used as a submersible or external pump
For use in aquariums and ponds
High quality aluminum ceramic shaft
Four suction cups


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i have an avast skimmer with the Sicce PSK1000 pump on it and i like it. there is supposed to be a new model the 2500 which is to replace the 1000 model and it is supposed to be even better, great pump for the money. i have also heard that the bubble blaster pumps are great but cost a lot more, and then there is the asktol, and red dragon but who can afford that.