Skimz sm203 pump replaced with new dcp5000 (2017) model


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Hi all,

My vsc5000 pump in the skimz sm203 stopped working. It's basically a rebranded jabao dc5000 but it's not available anymore.BRS wants $240 for a replacement and it's out of stock with no info on availability. Here is what I did.

Dcs5000 is NOT the same. I ordered and the case is a completely different and cannot be retrofited. The input and outputs is much larger. I ordered the dcp5000 which is the 2017 model and I was able to modify to make it work. I needed to dremel holes on the base of the mount. Also the old volute must be used and with a minor mod i was able to use it. Lastly the needlewheel must be used with the new propeller shaft.

The new pump is cheaper and is about A Third what BRS is asking for a direct replacement.

I'm ordering an extra pump just in case since for $76 it's worth having a spare return/skimmer pump.