Small BTA care


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I recently bought a "Sunburst" BTA. I don't know for sure, but I am guessing it is not a Colorado clone, but that is not the reason I am posting.

It is about the size of an orange. So far, it hasn't moved from where I placed it and seems to be doing well. I haven't tried to feed it.

Should I try giving it some food or wait for it to either adapt to my tank or grow a little first? Until I recent tank crash, I had tons of green BTA that were much larger than this. I am a little worried about getting a nen this small to be a success.

It has a really nice pink/orange color. Does anyone know if these are fluorescent (meaning they reflect a different spectrum from the light shined on them, and will look better with more blue, green or other color lighting) or just orange colored (meaning they will look better with more orange)? This could easily become the showpiece of my tank if it does well.

Any other care advice?


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Lets see a pic. The "colorado" one is starting to make its way around more frequently. They still command a hefty price but are more available now.

I would feed it a small piece of krill every other week. They do better with some food but I wouldn't overfeed.