Somewhere got the Red Bugs..Need Interceptor..Help!!

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About to move my corals from my JBJ to my new ADA tank. A few of my acros have gotten Red bugs. They are nice colonies of blue acro and grapejuice and a few others. I need interceptor to rid them from what I have found. My tank is small 24 jbj so I think 2 or 3 interceptor pills will do the 3 treatments. Any help if someone has some or where/how I can get some. I don't have a dog, so that's not gonna work at the vet.


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I crushed a whole med pill into my 90 gallon for 24hrs w/o the skimmer then I turned the skimmer on and did a 25% WC this was effective and there was 0 casualties (I moved the shrimp & crabs out).


I'm an American, and I remember
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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=14802353#post14802353 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Jayreefer
I have two of the large dog pills. I believe they treat close to 100gals. Do you want one?

Do you realize that you just offered to become an illegal drug trafficker?
Interceptor is a prescription drug. It can NOT be legally dispensed without a license.
Reef Central prohibits this illegal activity from taking place here.
This is no joke.
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