Steven, advice please?


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Hi, Tagamet here. I'm TOYING with the idea of trying some SPS. What's your best advice on what SPS would be *least* likely to lose it's life at my hand? I have plenty of Mh light and water quality is good to great. General consus when I posted the same question

was M. digitata and millepora. Your thoughts?
Thanks, I appreciate your opinion.
Going to Mo's swap? Hope to see you there.
Tagamet (Larry)
Montipora digitata, the so called Montipora capricornis, Pocillopora damicornis, and Turbinaria reneformis are all excellent first SPS corals. Plus, all of these could be grown in the 120 you spoke of under VHO's.

We were talking about the frag swap at the last PMASI meeting on Saturday. Rob Huss is going for sure because he has a light system to deliver. Rob lives like two minutes from my house, so I can carpool with him. Frankly, I have not decided yet.