Streams Positions


ugust 2011
i just gotm my 6100 with controler and i am gonna place them acros of each other in my oceanic rr 140g
i need ur advice on ,how i am gonna run cable in order to keep all lids clouse in the tank
What kind of tank? A glass tank should have a plastic hinge that you can cut. For an acrylic tank you may have to drill a hole. If you read the manual it will explain how to disconnect the driver to run the cable through a hole. You only need about 1/2" hole to thread the cable and molex coupler through once you disconnect the driver. Just be careful to not get anything wet.
i have a glass oceanic rr,u know they have a glass lids to cover up
so,i was thinking to mount them on oposite sides on the tank net to overflow boxes
That would work, you will just cut the back strips on the glass tops that are plastic. I would use tin snips or a sharp utility knife to do this.