Submersible Return Pump for my 75g

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i need help on choosing a return pump for my sump on my 75g, I'm deciding from eheim, ocean runner, or sicce pumps. the main thing im looking for is which of the three is the quietest one.



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I have used eheim's for over 25 years. One of them I got used from the LFS I worked at way back then, and it is still going strong with nothing more than a yearly cleaning. I may have replaced the impeller once or twice. They are dead silent, especially if you put them on a mouse pad or something similar and use ~12" of vinyl tubing to connect them to the hard pvc.


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Running an eheim 5000 on my 56g & can't even hear it. Great powerful, compact, energy efficient & optional of submersible. I run it on a manifd.


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For a 75G you only need 225gph (3x) after taking head losses into account, although many seem to prefer 300-375gph (4-5x).

The Eheim 2000 (35w) and Tunze Silence 1073.020 (30W) meet that flow rate and are both really good pumps.

I've been using the Tunze 1073.020 on my 100G for 2 years now - no complaints.


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if you are looking for a "buy it once' pump....eheim is the gold standard. if you get a 1262, you'll have plenty left over for a manifold to run reactors. i made the mistake of buying a back up eheim pump, since i live way out in BFE and there's no such thing as a local fish store.....its basically sat for the last three years.


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The Sicce Syncras and Tunze Silence pumps are very similar - the two companies designed them jointly, but have slightly different variations.