Taking a trip to Tampa to pickup a few things. Where?


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I'll be in the Tampa area two Sundays from now. I'm interested in purchasing a yellow watchman goby, pistol shrimp, and some other fish. Which stores in the Tampa area have a large selection of fish?



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Fish and other ichthy stuff, its across from the oldsmar flea market. Or marine warehouse which is a couple miles east on the same road.


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Since you'll be there, if you choose to visit Fish and other ichthy stuff, you could also checkout Coral Corral.


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A google map of all tampa area shops. Unfortunately, with the update to the Google Map App on Droid and iOS - this can no longer be opened in "My Places".

However, you could bookmark this in your smartphone browser so it can always be opened and used in your maps app.

Once you have that - hours and phone numbers and web pages can be easily accessed through your smartphone.