Tap water filtration


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I need a filter for my tap water. HOWEVER, i also find myself a little light in the wallet. I need one because I have a good deal of RED slime.

I found tap water treatment RO units at around 200 dollars. I then looked at what they filtered and compared it to the tap water filters such as britta that mount on your sink-head. I found they both removed metals and chemicals along with organic materials. Does anyone think it would help situation in the least if I got a britta filter?

I do not plan to use it forever, I just dont have 200 or even 100 to spend on a water filter.


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Can you afford to buy the water from your LFS or even Wal-Mart? Wal-Mart has the RO machines and charge like $.25 a gallon.


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I purchased a small until from petsolutions.com for somewhere in the neighborhood of $35.00 or so. It's basically just the DI portion of the ro/di, so that may help you out some.