The Office Nano - 6g Fluval Edge Rimless Conversion


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It's been an unfortunately long time since I've posted to RC. The good news is I'm BACK!

Just moved my dormant box of rocks to the office in an attempt to give some much needed TLC to the tank and give it a much bigger audience.

Before the move I decided to remove the top glass from the tank as it typically just trapped bubbles and got in my way.

The tank as it sits now-

Tank - Fluval Edge 6 Gallon (Converted to rimless)

Filtration - Stock HOB filter with a sponge and carbon, 8 Lbs of live rock and 5 Lbs of live sand

Lighting - A.I. Prime HD

Lighting Schedule:


Current Stock - Just 4 Tiny Blue Hermits that somehow survived the last 2 years not being fed or having any maintenance done to the tank.

Current (11/07/2016) FTS:



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First addition. Not sure of the name, but they have pink and orange skirts and purple bodies with a pink ring and pink center.


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Just got a few new additions into the tank.

The LFS let me scrounge around their frag tank and piece together a $10 frag from the single polyps that fell off their colonies and I ended up with this:

If anyone knows any IDs on these let me know, to me they look like green galaxies and orange chaos. either way I think they are beautiful and well worth 10 bucks.

I also picked up a decent sized colony rock that has a few different color morphs on it:

got some xenia and a green mushroom that he through in for a couple more bucks so it was a pretty successful day.

Here's a new FTS



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The guys at Elegant Reef in san antonio are great! Years ago I decided I didn't like their shop (I can't remember why anymore) and my boss talked me into going there again when I started this tank up. Really glad he did because they have been awesome!