The Official nTOTQ Submission Thread

Here is your chance to become Reef Central's nano tank of quarter 1, 2015.

There are three simple rules as follows;

1) you can enter any currently running tank under 35 gallons

2) you must include three pictures of your tank, one of which must be a full tank shot (fts).

3) link to your build thread or a short description of your tank in it's current state; equipment, husbandry ect...

Submission thread will run from now until March 31 with a voting thread for entrants, to be voted on by all members, starting on April 1. The member with the most votes on April 31 will be
crowned RC's nTOTQ.:beer:

Enter your tank and let's have some fun.


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Really quick, if you have an AIO tank and the DT is less than 35 gallons, is it still okay?


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This is my Biocube HQI, equipment is as follows.
150 watt 20k halide with a 12" reefbrite strip
Eheim heater
Tunze 3152 ATO
Neptune Apex
currently looking for a skimmer
Livestock is as follows
1 true percula
1 mochavinci clown
1 starry blenny
1 melanarus wrasse

I perform weekly water changes around 20%. Manually dose ESV B-ionic every other day (considering the DOS system for my Apex). Monthly vinegar baths for all pumps, that has kept my mp10 running perfect for 2 and a half years now.


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Dave, great looking tank. Any heat issues with the m.h. and closed top? How long do you run the lights?

Nope. Then again it's winter time in Buffalo so m6 room temp is only 72 . I suspect AC and a fan in the summer and the tank shouldn't get of 79 degrees, apex is programmed to shut the halide off at 82 degrees so I shouldn't have any problems.


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I know I see a lot of beautiful reefs on this forum, let's get some involved. It's all about fun and showing off your hard work.


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My display is a 25 gallon cube (18×18×18"). Plumbed into the tank is an 11 gallon frag tank. The frag tank and DT drain to a 20 long sump.

Skimmer: SCA 302
Flow: 2×Vortech MP10WES
Display Lighting: Reefbrite halide pendant w/20k radium bulb
Return pump: Jaebo DC3000
Heater: titanium 200 watt

The system is powered by an RKE with pH, temp, and salinity probe. I dose calcium and alkalinity daily.

I run 2 TLF reactors for carbon and GFO and dose acropower daily (5 mLs). There is also a dedicated fuge and I just installed a turf scrubber.


Temp: 78.0
pH: 8.2-8.3
Alk: 7.8-8.0
Calcium: 475
Magnesium: 1500
PO4: Undetectable
NO3: Undetectable

Fish (split between DT and frag)

Lubbocks wrasse
Black leopard wrasse
Baby yellow coris wrasse (1")
Blue - sided fairy wrasse
Picasso clownfish pair
Bangai cardinal
Six line wrasse

The tank is predominantly SPS with a large toadstool and a couple LPS pieces. The frag tank is filled mostly with zoanthids and palythoa








Spartan, beautiful tank. I really like the frag tank as well. But..rules for this contest are three pictures only with a link to your build so people can check out more if they desire.


Aquaria Engineering
Here's my entry for nano of the quarter, 25g cube with a 10g split sump and refugium. It's a newer system, started in September 2014, but you gotta start somewhere. It's my first tank ever and I love the hobby...

Equipment Overview:
SC301 skimmer
Eheim compact 2000 return pump
Eheim jäger 100w heater, with PID controller
Smart ATO auto top off
Jebao WP10 circ pump with wave function
Reefbreeder Value LED light fixture
CFL 1400k grow light
Two Little Fishies GFO reactor

Sump Design:
10g total volume
-5g for skimmer and return pump chambers
-5g refugium with DSB, rubble/live rock and chaeto
Return chamber volume was designed to guard against overflow of the DT in the event of a drain blockage
The sump is large enough to support the head volume of the DT for a power outage event

Live stock and coral:
2 Osc clowns
1 royal gramma
1 skunk cleaner shrimp
1 serpent brittle star
CUC of cerith, dwarf cerith, nasso snails, stomatellas, thin line hermits and 2 blue leg hermits

1 red cap
1 deep water acro
1 acid washed branching hammer
1 krypto candy
1 brain maze
1 armor of god Zoa




It's all frags which are growing nicely, the fish are happy and managing parameters is pretty easy too. I'm looking to end up with an SPS dominant reef and maybe add one more fish like a lawn mower blenny for maintenance... Other than that it's a great system and doing very well.