two tentacle worms


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Dr. Ron,

I have just started a 29 gallon reef. Though I am new to this particular hobby, I gather information like a sponge from reef central and an aquarium club where I live.

I read your aticle on worms and realize that the two tentacle worm (or worms) have found a home in one of the live rocks in the tank. I count five that I can see. What precautions can I take now that will ensure my not running into the same problem you had in the 60gal hex. My aquarium is now eight weeks old with only two polyp rocks added.

Thank you for the insight on the different species of worms.

Maggie West
Hi Maggie,


At this time, I would say, don't worry too much about it. :D It will take a couple of years for them to get that abundant - if they ever do.

It seems to take a peculiar series of events for them to get that abundant. It happend to me once, but I have had other tanks where the worms were present and never became a problem.

My guess (and that is all that it is, I am afraid :D ) is that if you have a good diverse sand bed fauna (lotsa detritivores, etc), these worms will never get to plague proportions.

The hex tank that I had were they were abundant was home to a large (about 2 feet in diameter) carpet anemone. Not much would/could live in the sand (not enough food made it to the sediment, I think) besides these particular worms, so they seemed to take over.