Uggggghhh which two should I get now?


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I was in the process of get a 2 to 3 inch queen and koran angel.Then just out the blue my blonde naso died today.He was eating fine yesterday and was swimming around just fine this morning.Then out the blue 3 hrs later my girlfriend called me and told me he was dead.All of my other fish are doing fine.I dont know what my water par are I check them the 1st of the month.Everything was fine last time I checked.Well a queen angel is hard to come by especially a juvi.So I can get a juvi queen and koran angel now or a orange spotted rabitfish and a blonde naso.The naso is 4 to 6 inches and the rabbitfish is about 2 to 3 inches.Thats if I get the naso and rabbitfish now.But if I get them later both will be about 5 or 6 inhes.


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Wow sorry to hear about your blonde naso. Can't believe he died like that. Your tank is massive. Very odd.


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I think I would be looking in to the cause of the death before I thought about adding more fish...


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Like what?I have no clue what to look for beside checking my water.But if it was my water why arent my other fish sick too.I have another tank the new fish can go into .I know very odd.Just that quick he ate formula 2 flakes at 730pm and 10am he was dead.I'm at wotk now and wont get off till 7 in the morning but as an hour ago all my other fish are fine according to my girlfriend.I will check my parm. tomorrow when I get off.Uggggghhhhh.I have no clue what happen.


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Are you sure your girlfriend knows what to look for? I've seen friends and family look at ailing fish and not realize anything is wrong :/. I probably wouldn't have bought a new fish till I saw the tank and all was well for a week or so, just to be sure it was an isolated incident. It's too late for that now, so good luck.