what filteration needed?


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I have a 55 gallon and have a topfin 60 with biological inserts (foam)and a protein skimmer.....do i need the topfin or just the skimmer?
You can choose to use live rock for your basic filtration, and you won't need the foam media. Otherwise, it'll likely be useful. What do you intend to keep in the tank?
but if i have them might as well use both
I have 25 pounds rock right now in there(live) I want to keep a yellow tang, two clowns, a bicolor angel, and maybe a blenny, mayeb somethin else when i get to it and some softies
The foam filter might contribute to a higher nitrate level in the tank, and will probably contribute to the maintenance load. It would help if you decide to stock the tank heavily with fish, though.

A 55g is too small for a tang, IMO. I would stick to the clowns and the blenny. The angel might be fine as well, but they sometimes eat corals, which could be an issue for you.
What if I get a smaller one and when he gets bigger trade him out....and teh way my tank is set up it is a majority swimming room
Trading out fish isn't much fun. They are hard to catch, and it's stressful on the animal. I wouldn't put a fish in a tank unless I intended to keep it, personally.