what fish have you had that jumped out of your tank?

geaux xman

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i've been fortunate, but i am pressing it with my anthias in a rimless.

please mention how long you had the fish and tank type/size.


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We just recently had a yellow wrasse that we had for over a year jump out of our 125. Prior to that we've had problems keeping Jaw fish in the tanks. I swear those damn fish find the smallest hole and jump through it. Needless to say I've given up on them for a while.


Memebr TBRC
With my yellow wrasse there never seemed to be an issue and there was nothing new added to my tank the Jaw fis on the other hand may have been chased out I just never saw them being harrassed.


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Yellow wrasse jumped almost a week ago... luckily I found him (not sure how long he'd been lying there), put him back in the tank, and after hiding out for a couple of days, he's out and acting normal again :)

+1 on them finding the smallest holes to jump out of.



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2 McCosker flasher wrasses this week..... SHOOT ME!

I have a mesh lid on the tank but there is about 1/3" of space on the waaaaayyy left side of the tank they must have both suck out. Makes me :(

Sugar Magnolia

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Clown, yellow watchman goby, but my biggest jumper was a scott's fairy wrasse. It jumped three times. I was able to save it twice.


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Two jawfish, flasher wrasse, and firefish. I don't care about the money, I hate to see anything die. Although I would not mind if my pistol shrimp made the leap.


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Masuda Hogfish, once ended up on the floor, my wife seen him jump, the final straw was jumping into the overflow. Had a huge mess catching him in my sump. I have a screen top on my tank now.


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I've had tanks for years and Never had a fish jump then one
day my Six-Line Jumped (I had him for about two years).

Recently I added a Clown Tang and my Mandrin Jumped,
hit the overflow, and jumped back in.

So Now I'm rethinking things

Wet Dreamer

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A red firefish goby that I had for a month! It was in a 90 gallon which I had completely covered short of about a 1 inch square at the back, that's just pure bad luck!


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Aurora goby but it made it to my external overflow and was back in the tank in a few minutes. Not sure if that counts :)


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The shortest answer is that ANY fish can jump, given the right circumstance.

I have had everything from clown and cleaner gobies up to and including a 4' moray try the carpet surf thing at one time or another. I have tried everything from complete open tops to 1/4" mesh to eggcrate to glass tops. If there is ANY possible escape route, eventually something will find it.