Which fish can help to control this algae?


Hi guys,

I have 260 gal tank

- Cleaner shrimps
- Blood shrimps
- Scopas tang
- Porcupine Puffer
- Blue Spotted Puffer
- Snowflake eel
- Trochus snails

Planning to add later:
- Naso tang
- Japanese Swallowtail Angelfish
- Blue Throat Triggerfish (pair)
- Zebra eel
- Emperor Angelfish (haven't decided yet)

3 XR30W Radion lights 2nd generation set to 15% brightness
Vertex Alpha 270 skimmer​
I'm looking for a way to control the algae (see the photo). I guess it's green hair one and think that FoxFace might help.

Thanks for the advises.



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Fts cause that algae looks cool. a foxface will help, its basically just an in tank ats if it doesnt hurt your stuff i would keep it