will these fish get along?


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i'm starting to figure out a stocking plan for my 100 gallon reef aquarium, and thought i'd run it by people on here first. let me know what you think, or if you foresee any problems!

2 mated clowns
1 royal gramma
1 green mandarin goby
1 powder blue tang
1 yellow eye kole tang
1 koran angel
1 black cap basslet

i'm also thinking about adding a six line wrasse, but have heard mixed things on them.

also, does this seem like too many fish?

thoughts would be appreciated. thanks!


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I wouldn't recommend a powder blue to a beginner, or to anyone with a 100gal tank. Not sure about the Koran. Also, gramma and black cap could be a problem together, but not sure. I'd go with one or the other. Other than that, I'd say you're lookin good!


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hope that didn't come across the wrong way. Powder blues should be kept in larger tanks that are well established and stable. Otherwise they are ich magnets and won't thrive. Hope that clears it up. Didn't mean to call you a beginner per se.


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The korans can get 16 inches+. So they need a BIG BIG tank, and like any angels they are not genuinely reef safe. and they may also nip at clams. LA recommend a minimum of 100 gallons which i presume is for a juvenile, any specimens under 3" genereally do poorly in aquaria.


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Lots of small fish are more interesting than a few large fish in my opinion. I just added a school of 7 glass cardinals to my 75 joining a LMB, firefish, and a small wrasse. There's a lot of interaction and movement.


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I would check closely on the compatibility of the Black Cap Basslet and the Royal Gramma at first blush I would think these will be at each others throat until one kills the other. Both are Grammas despite the name difference. You could get two juvenile Royal grammas and not have a problem if introduced at the same time.

Powder Blue Tangs are difficult to keep and prone to Ich. I would get a less difficult to keep species to begin with. A Powder blue will rule your tank, so you must put it in last or new additions may suffer from his bullying.


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I was told to add a 6 line wrasse to my tank last because it takes over the tank if its the first one in, but the one I got is very small, great color, bullied by the coral beauty, yellow tang and flame hawk at first, but now its been about a week and no one bothers him anymore. He acclimated really well. He was swimming in and out of the rocks in a day or two. He also has no problems during feeding time. It's like he's been in the tank for a year now since he's so active.

I agree with shekki, that more smaller and interactive fish are more interesting then a few larger fish. Probably a smaller bio-load but that depends on how big of a fish you would get and that stuff.

I like a variety so I'm in between. I have a yellow tang, coral beauty, flame hawk, bangaii cardinal, 2 occelaris clowns, 6 line wrasse in my 75. That list is size order from big to small and its a nice size change throughout.

just my thoughts