WTB: Radion Gen 3 or Gen 4 Pro or Reg

Mr. Brooks

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I have a standard G3 that I could part with. Not sure of the going rate though. I'd be willing to trade for corals.


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I have a like new Gen 3 Pro that is only a few months old and includes the original box. I also have the Radion RMS Mount for it. I haven't listed the Radion yet but was going to ask $500 for it. The mount is also in the original box and I was thinking $75 for that. PM me if you are interested.


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Have a standard G3 I could part with as well. I know this is an old WTB thread, I just figured you may still be in need of one! it's only been a month lol.

Mine has barely been used. was on a basement frag tank project for like a month before I decided to break down the tank.