30g light system


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So i am setting up a SPS dominated tank with a few softies and i cant decide on lights. I am in high school, but price on the innitial lights isnt a problem. The problem i have is bulb replacement. I have looked at LEDs but i really dont know what to look for. I have found a few lights and need help picking one of them. I am leaning towards the LED because you dont have to replace the bulbs often, but the others are very tempting too.

This is the tank the light will be above. 24.8 x 17.7 x 17.7 (33.6g)

Lights options:
92w LED
ATI SunPower T5HO
Aqua Medic MH + T5
And the ferrari of T5s, the Giesemann 230

I love all these lights, but what would be the best choice for the tank with SPS coral near the middle of the tank?