700 Gallon (From show Tanked) New Build with a 1 year timeline


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Hello to all
New to the forum, not all that new to the hobby. Have not had a tank in 5 years, decided to pull the trigger once i saw this beast. Many of you may recognize it from the show tanked. I am going to take a year to design my set up as the home it will be going into will be under construction for roughly 12 months. I am open to any thoughts / advice or general comments. i was thinking about setting it up a a reef ready fish only tank for now with the option to convert to full reef at a later date.
Thank you in advance


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Yes, it is the skateboard ramp, and there are no major scratches. I am surprised the skating didn't cause more damage, the acrylic is 2" thick, so maybe it is just too thick to scratch. I would guess the tank is virtually bullet proof. No ramp for me, it will be on the 3rd floor of my house built into the cabinetry. The curve is pretty cool, i won't be able to tell how the viewing is until we fill her up. From first glance, it looks like it is going to be amazing.


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Congrats on the new tank I always woundered how that tank would hold up as a ramp they must of only used it as a ramp for the show otherwise that thing would be filled with scratches. You definitely have a one-of-a-kind build looks great!!!


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That's a cool tank!

Set it up as a simple FOWL for now, so we can drool over the pictures you post. A year of waiting is too long for all us.


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why does it seem like most of the tanks on the show got taken down ?

That would be because it is a tv show and let's face it your average joe can't upkeep any of the tanks they build on their show, not to mention they grossly overstock and put all the wrong fish in the tanks in the first place. It is all a receipt for disaster, the last one I personally watched was about a tank that sat outside on a wagon in northern Cali on a vineyard. I'm sure in January when it gets cold in northern Cali that all of those fish will die, heaters or not. If that doesn't kill them disease will. They claim they are the number one tank builders, doesn't mean they know their a** from a hole in the ground when it one to stocking them. Sorry for that. Awesome tank you purchased!! Can't wait to see it properly stocked!


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why does it seem like most of the tanks on the show got taken down ?

I think they usually build more than one. If you watch in the background they have like 2 or 3 of some of the ones they build, example is the gum ball machine tank the did for the ice cream shop in Vegas.

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tagging along too see how this one turns out . i seen it on e bay an the phone both tank was on there too at one point .