Angels in Reef Tank Environments.... Curious...


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Hello Everyone :)

I was just reading a post in regards to putting a Coral Beauty in a reef tank. I have heard many success stories in regards to Coral Beauty's (along with many many other small Angels) doing very well in the reef - but was interested in hearing stories from people that either had Coral Beauty's or Flames in their reef tank which had some sort of Clam.

I had heard and read about small Angels doing well in the reef tank, but that when Clams were involved, many tend to nip at the mantle of the clam. I would love to have a Flame, but would love to keep my Deresa even more so...

So any success stories? Any nightmares or disasters?

I'd appreciate any help!

Best Regards!
CB with Crocera in my 55 with no problems. CB was also 5 yrs old when I put in the crocera---so maybe he forgot how yummy clam mantles are?
No personal experiences with Angels and Clams but have always observed them together in the same tank in the pet store.

I'd have to say pass on the Angel if you value your clam. They will pick on the clam from time to time and that may be enough in the long run to cause the clam to stress out and die.
Flames and clams don't mix. I know more people that have lost clams due to flame angles than people that have kept them. Don't try a lemon peal angle either!