best fish catchin technique


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i spent the whole day and night today tryin to catch my 3 pajama cardinals. i got 2 right away but the last one gave me the worst time ever. i had to take down all my rock and he (or she) still managed to keep from getting caught. i got so mad i put all the rocks back. i just caught him 9 hrs later at like 1:30 am with a flashlight and the littelest net i own... anyone else have any stories like this?


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I think most everyone that started their tank with a damsel to cycle it has a story like this :)

I actually have gone fishing in my tank to evict a fish... #24 fly fishing hook and 2lb test line.

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I think cardinals see well at night too, which doesn't help too much.

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I've used a clear juice pitcher before. After it's in the tank for a day or so the fish get used to it. I turned off the pumps and carefully put some brine shrimp in the pitcher so it would float to the bottom. When the fish goes in to eat just remove the pitcher and you've got your fish.
Once I even used an elegance coral as bait to catch a flame angel.


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I never had a problem catching a fish. I use the flash on my phone which is more like a flashlight and then just net the fish from seems to almost stun the fish because of its brightness.