Best HOB filter


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I have a 55G tankwith 2 800gph power heads. i currently only have 2 oscellarius clowns, 1 bi-colored blenny, a marble fromia sea star, a serpant sea star, a cleaner shirmp, and a bunch of crabs and snails.

I was looking to get a new HOB filter and was looking for recommendations on Make/Model/size.

Thank you in advanced.


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HOB is not very useful in saltwater systems. Some use an aqua clear HOB to run carbon and such. If you use the sponge in them make sure to change it out weekly and rinse so that way nitrates don't build from it.

Best thing you could do is add a sump and get a good skimmer.


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I use aqueon 55/75 that has 400gph. I use it with aqueon filter cartilages that are prepacked with carbon, I change them every two weeks with new ones. Just make sure you rinse them thoroughly in tap water to remove carbon dust and then soak them in saltwater before putting on to the filter. It is doing a tremendous job of keeping water crystal clear, plus I have a huge amphipod population living inside it :).


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I would have to say the best HOB filters for saltwater would have to be the square box ones. So, either aquaclear or the new Seachems which haven't reached market yet.


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A skimmer is really all that is needed. Personally if you want the best then the Deltecs are the top of the line. The top model has a place to put carbon or other cleaning agents. Not sure if the one below it has that ability.

Another option is the tunze skimmer like the 9004 or 9012 models. They also make a separate filter 3168 that has a surface skimmer in it and a place for carbon. Good deals to be had this week and some vendors are already sold out of some of the tunze items.