Contaminated tank question


Hater of Hair Algae
I have two QTs, a 20g long and a 10g. I've had three fish die in the 10g QT so far and not one loss in the 20g long. I've tested ALL params, and am using the same RO/DI water in both. I have come to the conclusion that at some point the 10g became contaminated w/ something during my several moves and/or while in my garage.

My question is, if I were to wash/soak the heater in vinegar and water and rinse thoroughly could it be used in a new 20g I bought today?

I have another fish that should ship out either mon. or tues. and I don't want to wake up to another dead fish. Please Help!:(


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Why risk it? Just go get a new heater. You can soak it (long term) in vinegar and it can become your backup heater in case the new one breaks. Thats what I would do