Diamond Jack's Oceanic 58

Diamond Jack

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Hey reef friends just wanted to share my new tank project.

I decided track down an Oceanic 58 tank and aqueon black pine stand. I painted the trim and back of tank with Krylon fusion. I drilled the back and put a glass holes 700gph overflow and 3/4 inch return.


It's been a long time coming, but finally got water in it.




Diamond Jack

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Equipment list.

Lighting: Catalina 6 bulb t5 fixture with ATI and Geisman bulbs.
Flow: Mp40esw
Return pump: Tunze Silence 1073.04
Skimmer: Tunze DOC 9410
Ato: Tunze
Heater: Eheim Jager 150w
Controller: Reefkeeper light

Marco rock
Carib Sea Fiji Pink sand
Air, Water, ice 5 stage ro/di for water

Diamond Jack

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Now we play the waiting game.... I hate this part.

@Fishguy5- You talk a lot of smack for a guy rolling the dice on two knee injuries and the madden curse. :)