DIY HOB refugium?


New member
I know I saw a HOB refugium with built-in skimmer that an individual had made over the weekend, but can't find the thread again for the life of me.

I've also looked at the Refugium/skimmer combination plans avaliable on JJ's Reef creations - These are great, but I don't understand well enough how the drain/return and skimmer work to feel confident taking on the project just yet

I would love some help understanding how (and most importantly to me, why) it all works, so that if I decide to assemble my own, I can feel confident doing so - can somebody who understands this sort of design explain to me how the inlet and outlet work, and the skimmer, or supply better plans or directions if there are any parts missing from the design at jj's that you feel are important.

I find that i learn best by getting my hands on something and closly observing it, or by doing it myself, hence my interest in taking this on without a ton of prior knowledge.