FS Custom aquarium $250 0BO


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I bought this aquarium thinking I was going to set it up, but decided to sell it.
I bought this used off CL it was re painted and cleaned. This tank is not drilled.
It was set up by previous owner for 5 years no leaks at all.

I will get dimensions later but its about 65 gallons.

Here is picture. This was intended to be for fresh water so if anyone wants to use it as such. I do have filter soil and sand plus some live plants. I will add more money to the price if someone is interested. all accessories are brand new.

I do have some heaters and a Fluval filter as well these are used.



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Hey Kerry, you are still around :)

Yes just not in the hobby ATM :)

More prices
2 bags of CaribSea Instant Aquarium Sunset Gold @ $15 each ( can be used in salt water)
2 Bags of Caribsea Eco- Complete @ $20 each
New Fluval C4 $45
Group of live plants $30 bucks for all of them.

Again if anyone interested in setting up planted tank

Hi Richard all is well with me just jobless but I am happy :)


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Bump still for sale I am moving to corona and would not like to take this with me pick up in LA or Corona. Trying to get it out by the 26th of this month.

I have a few other stuff I can add to tank sand , heater , refractormeter ( I think? not promising yet, I have to find it )


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Please do not buy this!!! We must force here back in the hobby-).

LMAO .... Well I need to sell this one to get a bigger tank :eek: Now that I will have room and space I want a bigger one now.

This tank is Vanda Bayou right now its holding some of my Vandas but other than that its just sitting here waiting for someone to fill her up. Some one please get it! lots of freebees will come with it


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Is it in corona yet? I may be interested if it is... if I get this I will sell my oceanic cube reef ready set up and use this instead for a planted tank.