Getting back in after a 12 year hiatus.

Opened a restaurant 12 years ago, and then another. Time restrictions force me to shut down my grow room and liquidate everything.
In 2011 I was using T5 with great results. LED’s we’re just creeping into the hobby and there weren’t many tested and reliable option.
I am current getting ready to set up a 30G mixed reef with mostly LPS, Zoos, and a few SPS. My tank is a SeaClear 30 with built in filtration. I’ll figure out skimming in another thread.
Like most people I am looking for the best lighting for my $$. Being an acrylic tank the top in only open 6x24”. I’m not familiar with all of the controllable features of todays fixtures, so as a result, I don’t need much of these options to start. I’ve read decent review on Viparspectra, and Phlizon, but don’t want to have buyers remorse 6 months from now and end up rebuying.
So my question is which direction would you send me?

Thanks in Advance,

Welcome back Pete. Here is a recent thread that should help get you started.

Welcome back Pete. I can’t give an opinion as I’m still running MH. But, I’ve had great luck with Phlizon grow lights starting my pepper and tomatoe seeds.😂
Welcome back to the hobby. As mentioned the suggestions in that thread are very good options for todays standard. Also nothing wrong with Viparspectra or Phlizon as those can definitely grow coral as well but I have heard recently their adjustability on the newer fixtures is not as dialed in. Basically the old fixtures you could adjust by 1% where the new ones I believe can only be adjusted every 10% so some of the suggested settings you find, you can’t get on the newer fixtures.