Help with moving sand


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Just starting my 75G - right now only have the sand in there and the rock is almost done curing. I have 2 Seio 820's in there, one on the left pointing slightly up and one on the back right pointing diagonally to the left (don't want to put on the right side because the tank is visible from the right). The problem is that the sand is getting blown away at the front middle of the tank and piling up on the sides. Any suggestions to keep this from happening. I'm thinking that when I get the rock in there it might be enough to break up the flow enough to prevent this but wanted to ask first. Thanks.

Dingo Dog

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Didn't you get any 'diverters' along with your power heads so you can deflect/position or otherwise adjust your waterflow?
If not, check out the 'Hydro Flo Rotating water deflectors. They're great!


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Also... don't worry about shifting sand, eventually it will settle where it will and all will be fine. Bacteria, growning in your sand bed, start to act as a cement holding the sand in place. Pick a flow that you're comfortable with, and let the sand take care of itself.