Hign pitch noise from multicontroller 7094


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Hi Roger,
I have 2 6100's controled by a 7094, yesterday it started to make a very high pitch noise, at first I thought the fire alarm went off. When I unpluged the unit the noise would go away then come back immediately after the controller is activated, what gives and what can I do to fix the problem, I got the whole set up back in April.
The alarm is coming from the driver(blue box), it is a safety feature where if the pump is dirty or running in such a manner it could over heat or be damaged the driver stops the power to the pump and sounds an alarm, it does try every 10seconds to start the pump again. It is usually the case that a pump is fouled with calcium deposits. It is probably time to clean your pumps, use 50% vinegar and 50% warm water and a brush, follow the procedures in the manual. The only relation to the multicontroller would be that an alarm on a pump that is just starting to have trouble would be caused by stopping and having a hard time restarting or by running at slow speed and because of friction running too slow.