is it to many clowns?


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I have 300 gallon aquarium, it currently has one pair of black saddleback clowns, im moving the inhabitants from my 120 reef to my new 300, in my 120 there is one single fire clown, he got along with the black saddys fine, I also have a pair of Rods onyx in my refugium waiting to go in also, Im wanting a pair of picassos as well, do you think thats to many for a 300 gallon? as far as anemones, I have one green BTA, a purple LTA, and 2 ritteri's.


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Its a real roll of the dice. Clowns have a territory they defend. As they get older, the territory expands. When it overlaps with another clown, then you can run into trouble. That's why clowns that cohabited fine for a couple of years all of a sudden have aggression issues. 300 is a good sized tank, but for 4 clown females? I wouldn't do it.


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i've kept 3 pairs of different species in a 240 (cinnamon, saddle, ocs) - the cinnamon female has gone thru several phases of trying to recruit the other species males to her harem (with some truly odd results) but she is the only clown that ventures more than a foot or so away from its chosen anemone 'home base'.

to some extent, it's gonna matter how the tank is set up (how the 'line-of-sight' is, more importantly, how many breaks in that line of sight are there) and the individual personalities of the fish involved. is your existing saddle female under the impression the entire tank belongs to her, or does she stay within a foot or so of her chosen home?

if you're willing to go thru what might be necessary to trap/remove any problem fish, it's worth a try. a tank that size, it's no easy feat, but...if you're up for that potential down the road, i don't see why not.

sounds kinda odd, but of what you've listed...i'd be most leery of the single fire clown. not because of any species traits, but just my experience that in multi-pair setups, the 'odd man out' unpaired fish starts a snowball of aggression (receiving it, or initiating it, but it starts it all the same).


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If they all have their own anemones, you may be OK. I have a 20-30 gallon with 2 carpets and I have 3 perc in one and 2 clarkiis in the other and they all get along fine. Once in awhilesomebody gets chased, but no body ever gets bit or damaged. With 300 gallons, you may be able to space out the nems to accomodate. It will also help them get along the younger the clowns are.