Lighting and Flow in a 200G DD


Well, I guess now is the time to revive the tank being stuck looking at it all day and well.... it's seen better days.

Tanks specs- 200 gallon- 48x36x12
Lighting- Two radion gen 3 pros
Flow- 3 MP-40s and a Closed loop

I've had this tank for about two years now and it's been mostsly down hill, The last tank that everything was moved from the corals grow like wildfire they had great color and polyp extenstion and everything turned south when I moved them over to the new tank. I've messed with the flow and lighting off and on to no avail. figured it might be time for some help.

My hunch is the radions spread isnt enough for such a large foot print of a tank, I do have a spare gen 3 pro from my 180 gallon that turned into this tank, I've thought about jerry riging my mount to squeeze the third light in and see if that improves anything. My other thoughts are to upgarde to a pair of gen 4's or gen 5's with thier increased spread with the hopes that would help or to add a T5 fixture to even things up a bit.

This tank was bought second hand with the overflows removed and a ghost style overflow setup installed, The previous owener also had it drilled for an intake to run a closed loop system through the already existing holes in the bottom glass as a return.
I have them setup with a pump running about 1000 gallons per hour through the angled towards my rock work. I think this pump is a bit underpowered but it's what I had at the time.
For the return pump I belive it's running at about 800-1000 gallons ( I might be wrong based off the setting of the pump) with the two returns going off in opposite directions.
I also have 3 Mp-40s setup running on reef crest, Two pumps are setup in sync and one in antisync on the other side of the tank. All the pumps are staggered in height.

I can provide photos as needed on the system.

On a postive note the fish have never looked better :bounce3::fish1::bounce3:


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It's kind of hard to respond when we have no idea of what you mean by went south!
Is it Algae issues or just poor coral growth or coral deaths? Some pictures and some numbers would really help the community to start working on this.


Most of the issues started with poor coral color and ployp extesnion that led into coral death.
I'll snap some photos of the tanks current status when the lights come on tommorw.


Sorry about taking so long to get these photos posted, Also the photos all came out a bit off after sizing them for upload.


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