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Not intended as a substitute for good DSLR/lens/flash photography I recently invested in a Ogles mesoscope to observe feeding of SPS, pests, disease etc. and training education of others. Only problem was that it was difficult to record what I was seeing although I spent hrs with an iPhone camera up against the eye-piece. So when I saw the digital camera was now available for the mesoscope I decided to jump in and get one.

After a few challenges getting the software to work on Windows 8 (was no problem on Windows 7) we got it running this weekend. When I say we I'm referring to the excellent help I got from Barry at Ogles. This guy was helping me troubleshoot my new lap-top running the Ogles Image software while he was on his vacation - great customer service.

Anyway here's first efforts - I have a lot to still try and improve. These are straight off the camera - zero post processing. I'm still learning the settings but it's got me hooked as an added dimension to an already useful tool.

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Nice, didn't know they had a camera now. I got to borrow one, played with it for an hour and took some pics with my phone. Interesting little device! Did surprisingly well with my phone: