Need help with Hippo Tangs


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10 days ago I bought 2 small Hippo Tangs and put them into my FOWLR 250 l tank (66 us g) that has been running for 2 months. The moment I released them, they holed up in a cave and I have hardly seen them since.

When I throw in some foodstuff so that it sinks in front of the cave, they will dart out, grab the food and run for cover. I have tried Nori and Spirulina but they will not eat it.

Is this normal ? All water parameters are good but Nitrate is abt. 15mg/l probably due to my overfeeding. Maybe I should have bought yellow Tangs, but those available were to big for my tank. The Hippos are 25mm and 30mm (1ââ"šÂ¬Ã‚ and 1.25ââ"šÂ¬Ã‚)

I would really love to see those beautiful Tangs swim around. What can I do
give them time. if they are not stressed and eating then they must just be shy in their new surroundings. they will ok and the hippo i have now did the same thing and now he is in your face swimming around.

one thing that you could do is offer food often, not a lot but some just to g let them know that it is ok to come out.
Baby hippo tangs act like that when you first get them. I had one that was the exact size of yours and now it is over 7 inches. Just give them time.
My Hippo stayed in a terra cotta pot 80% of the time in quarantine. Now in the main tank, he goes from boldly swimming around to darting into his cave if another fish makes too much of a splash at feedings. They are naturally nervous.
This is normal behavior. Keep in mind the hippo tangs are quite carniverous compared to many other tangs. Throw them some meat instead of Nori.
I read somewhere that if they are small and put together into the tank, they would not fight. ThatÃ"šÃ‚´s why I bought 2 of them.

And no they are not fighting merely hiding.
I have 2 small Hippos...and mine fight. They are still in quarentine after an outbreak of ich and a bacterial infection. [I have eggcrate dividing them] I have had them for 3 months.I am going to sell one , I don't want to have to remove one from my 240 if they cannot be nice