New to me skimme and MH lights...


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Hi I have been in this hobby for over a year but still have quite a bit to learn..

I just bought a used protein skimmer for my 55g FOWLR, an Aqua C Remora with 1200 MaxJet.

I've never had a skimmer before - how do I know if it's working properly? I didn't receive a manual with it. How often do you have to clean out the collector cup?

I also bought a homemade 24 inch hood. I"m hoping to start a nano this spring. The hood has 2 18" T8s and also a 250w MH light. Does this seem like a lot for a probable 25 gallon tank? I was reading somewhere that most tanks only need a 175w MH.

IS there anyway I can incorporate the MH light into my 55 gallon? I have a homemade stand for it as well and would love to rip out the t8s that came with it.



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There's no very good way to tell whether a skimmer is working. The rate at which the collection cup fills is fairly variable, and I've never had a Remora Pro. You might be able to get instructions from the manufacturer's site.

250 W is a lot for a 25 g tank, but the fixture could be raised, although it'd be overly expensive to run, IMO. You can use MH over a 55g system, but it might not be as cost-effective as a T5 setup. What are the dimensions on that system?


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The 55 gallon is a standard 55 - 48 inches long, 21 inches tall (I think?). The hood I have for the 25 gallon is about 14 inches tall, kind of arched. I thought it might be much for a 25.


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Aqua C

Aqua C

Aqua C has the users manuals on line and they are also prompt about answering questions. I also just bought (last month) a urchin (same design but it is the sump model). Good luck



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i have an aquac remora with maxiijet in my sump. i ahve a 50 gallon display with a 29 gallon sump. it works if it pulls out skimmate. form ym experiences with the remora, it's hard to get great dry skimmate but rather gives you a more wet skimmate.

try having it around for a month or so and if you see some junk being pulled out, then it's working. keep in mind that the amout of junk ties in with how you stock, feed, and keep up with water changes.

the metal halides, i'm not too sure. i'd suggest going with T5s. they give out less heat and in a case of a small tank, i'd steer clear from a chiller since they can get quite pricey