Pyarmid Snail Questions?


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hey guys i am just getting into clams and want to know if there is a way to prevent these bad snails?? i can NOT have a sixline becasue i ahve a solar wrasse so thats out of the question and i can NOT quartine do not have the space, so anythin i can do i am looking at dersa and squamsa clams! thanks!

if they are in your tank already, you are going to have to remove them. I feel your pain. If the clams are easy to move around, I would remove them out of the water, just to keep them from falling onto your substrate. There seems to be some debate on the transfer and migration within the tank of these snails. I.E. whether they can cross the substrate, or glass, and whether or not they can trans-migrate between desirable herbivorous snails--eg. astrea or trochus. I've personally just been through this--I got a snail on a piece of rock someone gave me, and soon, every different kind of snail in my tank, and my clams, were being plagued by these snails. I've been removing the snails every few days and removing the pyramidellid snails with small tweezers. I HATE PYRAMIDELLID SNAILS!!!!!
I lost my red coris wrasse (juvenile, and I know you can't have one) a couple months back. He was wonderful at removing these snails.

In other words, get them out!!! In the Giant Clams book by KNOP, they are described in greater detail.
Nick...I think you get the message. The more aggressive you are at removing them, especially at an early stage of infestation, the better off you'll be.

Tiger Shark, I'm in the process of collecting a number of the common species found on Guam. It is my intent to post some images in the near future (perhaps in a month or so). When I do, I'll post a thread on this forum.

A search on this Reef Central should lead to some good images. I'll try this myself, just to see what's out there.

Nope, corals are protected, can't take them live or dead. It would be fun to give it a try but, even if I could, I would hesitate to do so. The hobby insists upon something I don't have...reliable power. Though better than it used to be, it is still something to contend with here. After our last typhoon (last December), didn't have any power back for about one month!

I should also note that it is not legal for me to keep live giant clams either.

All said, jeez...the ocean is at my doorstep. So I observe these wonderful animals in the wild. The tanks I maintain are kept simple, mostly for photographing mollusks as well as keeping a few nice fish.

Still, I love the science behind reef keeping. If and when I settle back down in the states, I'll undoubtedly set up a system with as many clams as I can keep!

man i got so annoyed mith taking my clams out one by one and removing the snails. this tkes awhile when you have 26 clams in your tank. i got a coris wrasse and he has done a really good job at remving them but i havent seen him in a couple of days so...