September pics


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Mostly new pics of old corals. My Sony camera is not working right; please excuse the red lines on top of the pics. Oh well, I've dreaming of getting a Cannon D50 for quite sometimes now...

Cyphastrea decadia, bright pink

Purple A.lokani

A month ago,


ORA blue milli

2 months ago,


ORA Nathan's green milli, the hairier the better

Small frag of a very shaggy green milli

Finally, the elusive blue polyps on my A.carduus were captured on film



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Small frag of the blue branch with aqua corallite A.insignis,

The so-called Laker or Morning star Monti

Exquisitely blue A.elseyi

Fast grower ORA yellow A.batunai

2 months ago,


Very unique green tabletop, any idea what the ID is?

2 months ago when I first got it,



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Yeah you have some very nice pieces there. I like that ORA butani. I like the rest of them too of course!!


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Glad to see my mille still passing around,:)


You mean the ORA green mille came from you orginally ?

If so how cool :D I have 2 myself.


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Ya...full tank shot please. NICE pics!!!!

Was wondering about the flow in the tank. I see the two 6100's but, what is the return pump? How is the return plumbed, etc.

Again...nice tank and coral!!