Setting up a 120


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Well I finally am setting up my 120g (4*2*2) reef tank. This is my first truly own tank. I got into the hobby just over a year ago with my roommates and we set up a 55g reef. We definitely had our share of grief and enjoyment out of that tank, learning quite a bit.

Anyways, here are a few shots:




Thanks to "meg" for the tank/stand/light and "bubbletip2" for the sump/pump.


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What size powerheads do you reccomend for this size tank?
I have two Koralia 2's, but not sure if that would be good enough...


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I run 4 K4's on the wavemaker on a 90 gal, but for my new 110 gal build I'm going with 2 Vortechs.

I think it depends on how you aquascape your tank and what kind of stuff you keep, but I strongly believe that the more flow you have the better it is for your tank.

Just an FYI... I will be selling my 4 k4s and the wavemaker soon when my new 110 is up....


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+2 on the K4's I ran 2 3's in my 38 and will have 3 in my 65 once they are cleaned. Where you at in the SW burbs


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Well here are some pics of all the live rock I added as well as the completion of the plumbing and wiring...





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Well it's been a crazy few weeks, but my tank is doing well:
This past week I installed a Vortech mp40w for much needed flow. This thing rocks!
I have added around 8-10 frags thanks to "mario4254" and "PI guy"
This week I added the following items:
-5 blue damsels (i know they may be devils but mine aren't too bad and their color is sick!)
-male and female green mandarin gobies (Hopefully they become a mated pair :-/)
-flame angel
-potters angel
-2 pepperint shrimp
-2 blue linckia star fish (may sell 1, $25, pm me if interested)

I am in the process of installing a 10g tank as a refugium for chaeto to harvest copepods.
I am also planning on setting up a phyo farm to aid in feeding said copepods.

Pictures to follow.


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Based on what people have said here, I'm not sure that the Flame Angel will be a great fit in a reef. If you are going the reef route, you're probably best trying to get rid of it now.

Did you build that sump yourself? If so, details please!


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mandrin gobies need an established pod population to survive. i hope you got them from another reefer and not an lfs so hopefully they are eating.


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Flames can be reef safe. I had one for about a year without any incident to corals until my roommate crashed the tank.... I'm hoping this one will have the same personality, otherwise he's gone. I have an established pod population from the live rock I purchased as well as the live rock I had in the 55. I am also working on setting up the fuge to make sure the population stays abundant. Yup, straight blues, no incident yet with them... I bought the sump from a fellow reefer, I'll get back to you on the brand.


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Reeflo dart.

after I added the damsels, I realized that only the "chromis" school. However, the damsels appear to be staying sorta close together in my tank...


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shoulda got the atlantic blue chromis but the are larger than their cousins and get to be 5" in length.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=15645120#post15645120 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by ThinIce
I realized that only the "chromis" school.

In the wild yes, but not necessarily in captivity, unless you have a HUGE tank, and I don't consider this a huge tank.

Also, slow down on stocking, and spend more time researching. You are way over stocked for such a new tank. The mandarin is probably not going to make it unless it is eating frozen. As stated, it needs a mature tank. Five blue damsels is a whole lot of aggression IMO. As far as the shrimp, they often times do not survive new systems.


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As stated earlier, my tank has an established amount of copepods. All the live rock / sand is established. So basically I went from an established 55 and moved to a 120 once I came back from school. So far all is well, all fish are eating, and the mandarins are hunting my copepods. Working on getting them to take frozen... but I doubt they'll run out of live food in there, especially if I can get my fuge to reproduce them as sort of a copepod sanctuary...