Soft coral lighting ?


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I have a 92g. corner tank. Currently have a 192 watt pc on tank. I will be adding more light. My question is do you think if I add another 130 watts of pc light that it would be enough to keep leaters, mushrooms, and zoos? I really don't want mh because I do not want to remove my glass top, (cats, fish jumping) and egg crate does not look very good on corner tank. I think by having a 36" fixture towards the front with a 24" fixture towards the back, that it would light it pretty good. Any thoughts on this would be great.

This my setup with the 192 pc light. Do you think these will be ok under these lights plus another 120 pc? I would like to add a few more maybe up higher in the back when I add the 24" fixture.







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You have beautiful corals from what I can see in the pictures. If what you are looking to keep are mushrooms, zoos, and leathers, I think your setup is fine for them. It seems that now there is more than 2 watts per gallon of water on your current setup. If you add more light that you suggested, you will have close to 3 and 1/2 watts per gallon of water. For those corals what you want to do should be fine.



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I agree that your current setup is reasonable for soft corals. Most corals will grow more slowly than with more light, but that's not necessarily bad.