SPS Disease - Pink Lemonade / Strawberry Shortcake only?


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I've just gotten past a hard time stabilizing Alk/Ca as well as the negative effects of overactive biopellets. Everything is rebounding well, except the clam I lost because I presume it starved to death. The only other problem I had was with my gorgeous Pink Lemonade colony, which used to be the fastest growing and healthiest coral in the tank. It started looking like it was faded and coated in a white fine powder. After a while, the Strawberry Shortcake on the other side of the tank started looking similar. Eventually, the PL started to RTN. The SS followed a few weeks later. Everything else in the tank is looking great and recovering from the too-low nutrient condition caused by the biopellets a few months back. Ca is stable at about 450, Alk at 8, PH at 8.4. All other major parameters are good too. I do weekly 10g water changes on the 90g as well.

In terms of pests, I inspected closely every night and saw no signs of AEFW or other bugs. I am wondering if there was some kind of bacterial infection that only affected the acropora nasuta/microlados colonies in my tank, since PL and SS are very close in species. Does anyone know about this? Is it possible this is what happened?

The frags I made of both corals continue to decline in the same rack that others are thriving. Looks like I will lose all PL and SS in my tank :(

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I just found out the net a keep inside my sump was covered in rust... maybe you have a heavy metal source... ive lost 3 colonies in the past month, when i put the net there.


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Bio pellets can cause many types of bacteria to reproduce.some very helpful and some not so much.corals do die from bacterial infections both in the wild and captivity.it may be what you think but it also may just be stress from the shifts in po4 and no3.could also be many other things but it is plausible that the pellets started the avalanche.i have had similar happen to me.GL


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You can't see Aefw since thy blend in with the coral. You need to take it out and dip and turkey baste. Then you can be sure there are no pest.