Strangely Aggressive Clownfish


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I have two percula, one of which has recently become very aggressive with my much smaller blue hippo tang. The tang loves to tag along wherever the clowns go, which they usually tolerate. Earlier this week I observed one of the clowns repeatedly headbutting the tang, as if trying to drive him away. I'm now observing this behavior almost daily.

I'm don't know the clowns' genders, or if they are paired. Is there anything that would explain this behavior? Anything I should be looking for? Is the tang in any danger? FWIW, the tang seems unaffected and continues to happily follow the pair everywhere around the tank.

Thanks for any help!


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The clowns are being clowns...damsels are nasty. However, it's likely they have either staked out a territory or may be guarding eggs as well.


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Possibly they are a pair. They may have spawned & have eggs hidden somewhere in your tank. The Tang is now a threat..
They are as said, damsels. Which means territorial.