Tank of the Month - Mar 2002


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This month we are featuring Steve Weast's beautiful 500 gallon reef tank.

<a href="http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2002-03/totm/index.htm">www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2002-03/totm/index.htm<br><img src="http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2002-03/totm/images/Image016.jpg"></a>
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Awesome! I knew your time would come soon. A well deserved award for not only an awesome display, but a very impressive set-up as well! Plus, its about time i got a hold of some new desktop wallpaper :D. Congrats!
3 Roses in one tank is awefully too much for them, they get really stressed but not showing sign. Recommended is 2 roses and a carpet at the most in one system. I can help you with that problem. I will buy the one in the back and pay for overnight shipping.
A true work of art and scientific marvel. Great job. I hope you will let me see it in person some time. I have a hundred questions (I'm sure a few can be answered with a pair of clippers) :D Keep up the good work.

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What a wonderful tank! I saw your orginal post. I loved the beauty of what you had put together, however, I am just as impressed with the way you have it set up in your home! I hope I am able to follow in your footsteps with my next system!


After reading all of your design facts and info, plus the way it all eventually fused together, makes me believe you might have actually known what you were doing ;)

Beautiful tank...I know pictures can't do it justice. I can only imagine what 4 feet of depth looks like..


That is one beautiful tank. BTW, is it true that carpet anemones sometimes eat other anemones, or is it only S. gigantea that does that? Your rose anemones are really cool. Steve, you have made a work of art out of your aquarium. :D
Noone will wonder how this tank got tank of the month. One of the most beautiful tanks Ive ever seen.

I cant find the correct words to describe how impressed I am.:D

To me the organization and cleanliness of the filtration system is as important as the inhabitants in the tank. My 75gl. custom made acrylic is 1.5 yrs old and that has always been me focus , to have every thing look as natural, organized and presentable as possible. There are some great reeferes out there with great health in there tanks but looking more like a science project than a piece of ocean in there house...that IS NOT the case with this tank!! Very impressive my friend..:beer:

If you don't mind, How much $$ is there so far??

Any tips or advise on how to help our tanks look and progress at the pass your has...(1 year amazing...):D

I hope someone is behind me, because I think I might just pass out.
Incredible tank :eek2: :eek1: :eek2: Congratulations!


(thanks for the new desktop wallpaper :D)
tank of the month

tank of the month

Best setup I have ever seen!! I love how everything is so clean and neat . Absolutely the best looking thing around. Good job!!