This guy is tough!


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As some of you may know, I have a new Mantis Shrimp. Fun little guy, all purple and about 1 1/2 inches long.

The other day we had a freak hot weater day and I had not turned on the a/c in the house.

Upon returning to my house, I discovered the tank he is in was over *100* degrees F!

Needless to say I panicked, placed a ton of ice cubes in a bag and cooled the water down.

"Muddy" came out and acted like nothing at happened. The tank had probably been over 100 for at least 4 that's one tough little Mantis!
Most gonodactylids that live in shallow, tropical water can handle temperatures up to 100 F for at least two or three hours as long as the change is gradual. This frequently happens to them in the field where mid-day low tides and bright sun can cause the temperature on a reef flat to climb above 100. The resident stomatopods will usually try to get under rocks of go down holes deeper into the substrate where it is cooler, but 100 degrees usually is not fatal. Onl the other hand temperatures below 65 degees for more than a few hours can do them in.