Understanding the caclulators


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I am using the drain pipe/ over flow calc. I want to drill a hole in my tank and install two bulk heads. When I put 1100 gph in the calc it comes back with:

Using the following input parameters
Gallons per Hour = 1100

Drain and Overflow sizes are calculated as
Recommended minimum drain pipe diameter = 1.37 inches
Recommended minimum linear overflow size = 17 inches

Does this mean that if I have two one inch bulk heads and make a over flow that is at least 17 inchs long their will be enough water flow through the drain?


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Good luck trying to interp. what they are getting at with these recommendations.

Your going to be limited on space and each tank has its' own restrictions. If I were you I would do the (2) 1" holes and if your sump is below the display I can promise you are going to end up with atleast 17" linear drop.

It's all mostly trial and error... adjust!


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Liquid Hobby, that's correct.
So if you have one long over flow 17" or a box over flow like, 5" off from the back, and then 7" inches long for a total of 17"

Back of tank
5"| Overflow |5"


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Dang HTML won't allow me the extra spaces to show you that small diag. above..

Hope you get the idea anyways..