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i am currently upgrading the lighting on my 180. currently i have 3 175 mh and 2 72" vho. i am changing the 175 w mh to 250w. i have been trying to decide what lamps to use and have been studying the spectral plots of various lamps and do not know what to go for. my question is this "what lighting wavelength is best for sps? xm bulbs have a spike @ about 420nm the reeflux has it's spike @ about 450nm and the ushio is the same as the xm but lower par. should i be more concerned with par or wavelength?



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450 is more purple 420 is more blue, that might be backwards. Theres a site that compares bulbs unfortantly I don't remember the site off hand. I sure some one on here could point it out.


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Re: wavelength

Re: wavelength

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so it doesn't matter if there is more light in the 420nm or the 450nm?


Not really.

UNLESS, you're running supplements. If you're gonna go with the VHO actinics, go with more blue. You get teh violet from the actinics.

If you're going with T5 supplements, it doesnt matter because you can supplement either.

If you're not supplementing, dont worrya bout it.