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Hi my name is Richard, AKA Richie or xixau. I start this project with the dream of 4x4x2 but the price tag put me off and decided to go 4x2x2 and hope will upgrade one day
first strike up was 15Jan 2011 and after a few problems I shut down on 1th feb 2013 starting again on march 6th 2013 with different pumps and lighting, try to run a zeovit system with lots of colour
System Objectives: Colorful tank with SPS
System Type:will be in the wall, i'm making the garage in to a rumphus room with the tank and fish room under the house
FTS 02-02-15

FTS 20-12-14

FTS 20-03-2014

Display System:

Strike up Date: 6-3-13
Display Tank: 4x2x2
Display Lighting:ATI 8x54W sunpower

Support systems:

System Water: Natural salt water
Display Water circulation: 2x tunze 6105
Return Pump: Eheim 1260
Skimmer: BK 250 with RD3 speedy
Evaporation Top Up: PSI-020B-DI-GM

Chemical Support:

Calcium Addition: Deltec PF 601
Alkilinity Addition: Deltec PF 601
Support System: GHL Profilux III EX controller

Thanks for looking