Clam "sneezing"


New member
Whenever I feed my tank golden pearls, my clam seems to go through a couple sets of 3-4 contractions. It almost looks like the clam is sneezing. Is this an irritant reaction or is this a feeding response? Should I discontinue using the GP's? (I am using the smallest size 5-50 microns) Thanks for the help.
The "sneezing" is an irritant reaction, or a defense reaction. You could try feeding the tank a little less of the GP or maybe put the GP's in the current going away from the clam, and see if that helps.
My clams don't like golden pearls either. I suspect it clogs their gills. I've found that if I feed the golden pearls at night just before the lights go out the acros still benefit but the clams are pretty much closed up for the day anyway.