Double up build up


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Well after giving much thought to upgrading to a 120 I decided to go to a 150.
My current 75 has grown in very nicely, but as with just about with every hobby I've ever been into, now its time to upgrade. I decided to go w the deep blue 48x24x24 150 gal. The Tank seems really well built and I really like the black silicone. My equipment will be adequate at the moment but I will be upgrading my main return pump, skimmer and possibly lights as well. Well here is a quick pic.


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I haven't heard of Deep Blue brand aquariums! are they new or rebranded?
The dimensions seem odd, I just did a Aqueon 120 in wall project and my
dimensions are 48x24x25. Hard to tell but it looks like it maybe taller than my 120.
I like the black silicone.
Have fun, :D gitrdone.


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Sorry, uou're right its 48x24x30H. Well passed the leak test, now getting water ready. I'll be adding a few baffles to the refuge/sump so I can split the return pump, skimmer, and fuge





Why do I do this?
Nice tank and stand! A buddy of mine had that same tank. They look really cool if you get the rockwork right. The only part that sucks about it is trying to reach the bottom!


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That looks the beast compared to the 75! It looks even taller now!
I also upgraded from a 75 to my 120. Going in from the back I can just barely reach the bottom front of the tank.
Did you build the sump?
Is it going where the 75 is now?
Looking good!


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hahaha! if you need some help bro, im with you in spirit lol, cause i have no days off. youre still gonna sure up that stand with 2x4's?

btw while youre redoing your tank, my wife got us tickets to see Iron Maiden tonight for our 1st anniversery :) i am loved :)


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And the mess




Man am I tired. It sucks to do it by yourself. And yes Laotin I did secure with 2x4s:rollface:


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lol, less is not more, more is more! so......GET MORE hahaha

3 pillars will rock, but IMO need to be 2x as tall :)

im jealous though, im gonna have to come see it in person soon


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The t5s look like they might be enough. I really need a better return pump. The one I have now is 750 gph, I think I need more like 2k gph.


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looks pretty good.

your koralias looks mall in that tank compared to the 75g lol. I agree that the tank needs a little more height to the pillars

also im curious as to if the rubble in the front serves a function, or if it is there because you like it there?