Look out Missouri, here I come!


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So it's official! I am renting a house in Carondelet as of June 7th. Hooray! I am hoping to get everything but my 29 gal tank moved that weekend (I currently live with family so it's not the end of the world if I miss a few things.) I'm leaving my 29 until I have the 120 set up, then moving its contents into the 120. I may not set the 29 back up right away, will need to see how high my electricity bill is first. :sad1:

Several of you have offered to help move the 120 I'm getting from Andystl and I am so grateful for that (I sure as h*** can't lift much so I will be providing plenty of food and beer :beer:), I'll post it as soon as we work out a suitable date. And I apologize in advance but the tank is going into the finished part of the basement. :D



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Congrats. me and Jill just bought a house in Carondolet,about a 1/2 block behind the Schnucks there. Its a great neighborhood.


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Thank you, I am very excited and doubly so about the new tank. So far we are looking at June 29th (it's a Sunday) for the tank move. The 15th is Father's Day, the 22nd is Hangover Day (after Nook's party), so the 29th will probably be the first chance we have.


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Congrats on the Missouri House:) always fun getting your own place!

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There goes that neighborhood:hmm5:

Congrats on the new place:beer:.

When did you say your having pizza night:D


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Signed the lease last night, got keys so I've started moving/unpacking boxes. Big stuff (except the tank - boo) will be moved this weekend. YAY!

Tank move is still scheduled for June 29th.