North Central Pennsylvania Meetings May


Dr. Zooqi
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I thought I start this thread and see who is interested on attending a frag swap meeting in Williamsport sometimes in May.
Please feel free to post or e-mail me ( )

1: Who is coming?

2: Best Day

I will host it in my house and we will have things like some suggested to me like
showing how to attach frags using different methods and for sure we will have food and drink and you can bring family, friends.
The good thing is that this is in North Central Pennsylvania and is about the same distance to people from New Jersey, New York, And Some areas in Ohio. I have so far 6 people in my list and they are from Scranton, Erie, Dubois, and some from this area.

So lets get this going and meet other reefers..
:celeb1: :wave:

I'll make the 5 hour trip as long as my schedule permits. Put me on the list! (I'll need directions).

Mike (Charvel) might be interested to come and you guys can get a ride together. I will let him know.
Im interested, should have some monti frags available, prolly a hammer or 2, and other stuff...judgeing by the way my new equad was splitting in the previus tank maybe a clone, and plenty of macros if anyone is interested in that(chetamorpha) can you add me to an email list for this to be notified? come april i dont check the boards much anymore, work starts up again.

Thanks <---this ones spelled right ;)

I am interested in attending the meeting in May some time but could you send me an e-mail and explain to me what exactly goes on at these meeting I have never attended one before. Also could you tell me the date and time, I am only an hour from Williamsport so anytime might be good.
I'm in.
Fri. evening or Saturdays are best. Keep us informed.
I'm in Altoona, & will notify the PMAS guys.
Good Luck
Cool Thing! count me in!!! any weekend in May is fine by me..

I'll have to sit down and put a frag list together.


Saturday 3rd
Sunday 4th

Saturday 17th
Sunday 18th

Now we have to pick a good day out of the four days above.

Other weekend's days are out because one is mother's day weekend and other is memorial day weekend

We are getting somewhere...

What you guys think ?

Would love to go...nice month to take a ride in the mountains...last time I was there I was flying at 5000 feet AGL in my hang glider! What a view!:D